KLAZEPT’s Understanding of Coaching

Coaching is a journey, and we need to be open to all a journey calls for. It is always a consciously chosen encounter with the unknown.

The coach is the “vehicle” that takes you from A to B. And since a coach is not a Ferrari, this experience requires time. As soon as you take the first step, your journey begins – the coaching process.

It is a discovery of everything novel along the way and of all the possibilities that may present themselves. In open and supportive conversations with Klaus Zepuntke, you will see your situation differently. You will be heard and seen. The facets of your presenting situation that have not been mentioned will also be “heard” by Klaus Zepuntke. Through questions, he reflects the unspoken and, in doing so, makes you consciously aware of its existence.

This experience leads you to a deeper understanding of yourself. A prerequisite for authenticity and success. The high-quality inner dialogue – the conversation with oneself – opens up doors to creative new thoughts and ideas. When barriers in the form of beliefs that prevent you from achieving your goals are made conscious, they can be replaced with beliefs which support your growth and development.

The intensive coaching conversation with Klaus Zepuntke depends firstly on his complete presence as coach to you and your process and secondly on the container principle. Everything that happens in the coaching session, i.e., on your journey from A to B, is confidential and remains in a safe place (container). Only then does the work remain clear and the maturing process can begin. Discretion and mutual trust support this development.

To ensure the success of the coaching process, 100% self-responsibility is required by you at all times.

Klaus Zepuntke uses a holistic approach in that he considers you in both your personal and professional roles. This enables him to reflect back to you role-specific behavior patterns which help you deepen your self-knowledge.

The quiet location and the pleasant ambience of the KLAZEPT office create an atmosphere that supports the coaching conversation.

At the end of the coaching process, when you have reached B, you will sense how the journey has shaped you. Point B serves as an intermediate stop from which you can then confidently travel further on your own.